Hightower Initiatives leads clients through complex and visible (re)development projects to bring their visions to reality with expertise, honesty, and creativity.

Mayo Clinic Square First Avenue Entrance

By embracing the objectives of clients and delivering effective management through every step of the process, Hightower Initiatives navigates successful ventures and builds trust with clients and partners on each project.

Hightower Initiatives respects the expertise of each discipline in the built community and establishes clear, open, and honest communication with all project team partners, including architects, construction managers, and leasing agents.

Hightower understands how to navigate the hurdles that come with complex projects, including financial, historical, technical, regulatory, and political challenges.

With decades of experience in successfully managing and completing intricate, high-profile projects; Hightower Initiatives is hard-wired to continuously unveil value-enhancing opportunities that benefit all project shareholders.


Successful delivery of collaborative projects by planning an effective route through ever- changing project delivery conditions. Getting projects from point-A to point-B by helping clients observe, orient, decide and act with confidence.


Working passionately to achieve an aspirational outcome by acknowledging, defending, and holding accountable the interests and responsibilities of all the project team members.


Insight and experience in support of mission-critical tasks, expert opinion, and strategic guidance on multi-disciplined building initiatives.


Leadership, applied with experience, attention, energy, care, and communication.


Hightower Initiatives is involved with numerous, iconic buildings that comprise the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago skylines.