Don Kohlenberger provides operational leadership and guidance on some of the nation’s largest and most complex construction enterprises. His positive impact on the Midwest construction industry is evident in many iconic building structures that currently comprise the Twin Cities skyline. He is an accomplished business executive creating innovative solutions to complex business challenges and making high-stakes strategic decisions for over 30 years.


I have considered and define the following words as central to why-I-do what-I-do:

WISDOM: Discovering timeless answers revealed through present-day challenges.

SERVICE: Fulfilling needs with the gift of minds, muscles, and minutes.

OPTIMISM: Gasoline for the engine of perseverance.

INTEGRITY: A hard-wired response of knowing what we ought to do and actually doing it.

EXCELLENCE: An ever-upward climb towards perfection, demonstrated by our work, performed in an imperfect world.

VERSATILITY: Realizing that your hammer, if turned over, can also pull nails.

COMMITMENT: An unshakable dedication to keeping the promises we make.

WINNING: The tide that lifts all ships.

What are your defining words?

Don Kohlenberger

Industry Advocacy is important to Don.  Don continues to serve numerous industry initiatives including:

  • Policy Chair on the Minnesota Building Jobs Coalition
  • Strategic Team Leader for the Housing Options Coalition’s Condominium Legislation Initiative
  • Chair Emeritus of the Minnesota State University, Mankato Construction Management Program
  • Entrepreneurial Advisor for the Metropolitan Economics Development Association
  • Mentor to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) construction firms in the Twin Cities
  • Business support advisor on numerous development initiatives

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