Don Kohlenberger

Through Hightower Initiatives, Don Kohlenberger provides enterprise leadership on select, complex projects of scale. Don has positively impacted the construction industry through his involvement in numerous, iconic buildings that comprise the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago skylines. Hightower Initiatives is deeply committed to the successful completion of projects with a significant focus in the areas of:
• Feasibility Analysis
• Building Repurposing/Repositioning
• Budget Creation
• Historic Tax Incentives
• Project Strategy
• Active Technical Leadership

The Hightower Initiatives

These ten concepts are the navigating force behind Hightower Initiatives and what drives Don in the face of challenges and adverse headwinds:

Don Kohlenberger
  1. EXCELLENCE: The ever-upward pursuit of perfection, evidenced by our work performed in an imperfect world
  2. INTEGRITY: A hard-wired response in knowing what ought to be done, and actually doing it
  3. OPTIMISM: The fuel in the engine of perseverance
  4. SERVICE: Answering a need with the gifts of our minds, muscles, and minutes
  5. VERSATILITY: Realizing a hammer can pull nails too
  6. WISDOM: Timeless insight found in current challenges
  7. WORK: Capacity for love expressed in what we produce
  8. COMMITMENT: Unshakable dedication to keeping promises made
  9. SENSE OF URGENCY: Respecting the un-negotiable bully called Time
  10. WINNING: That which lifts all ships

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